Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back To Normal

We're finally getting back to our "normal". We love living here and haven't regretted our decision at all. We miss our friends, but have enjoyed sitting outside on our patio and listening to the bugs and watching the storms in the distance. It's just a different way of life that we missed so much. We haven't done too much exploring yet, but we will as time goes by.

I finally got a new cord for my computer, finally got internet working CORRECTLY, and the kids are back in school and back to fighting. All of that = normalcy.

Of course there has been drama getting things done around here, but that comes with moving. It's almost done with, just need to contact the moving company about several things they broke & a few things that they didn't deliver. Ummm, I'm not having high hopes about getting anything back from them, but I will for sure be praying about it.

We've had a lot of fun between all the "drama" though. My mom and dad came that first week and brought Hannah and Mallorie here to us. We didn't have anything to do for a day, so we rented a boat out on the lake and just had a wonderful day.

Rusty's mom and step dad came the next week and we enjoyed a few days with them. The guys moved some of my big furniture up the stairs that I was dreading having to move. It was so nice having room for everyone to stay and a bathroom for everyone.

The girls started school on Monday morning. And when I say morning, I mean morning. It's still dark when we get up and they start at 7:40am. Which means the bus gets to our house before 7 and if I drive them then we have to leave by 7:10. (7:10=what time we used to get up for school in California) I have been doing okay with getting up early, but I love to stay up late at night. That's been the biggest struggle. Thankfully, once I'm up I am pretty chipper. Also we bought Dunkin' Donuts coffee last time we were at Costco and that also helps me be chipper. Who would've known that their coffee was so good!

I feel like I haven't gotten to write anything in so long and I missed blogging. I also missed reading everyone else's blogs. I've spent a little time catching up today and have gotten some good laughs. I hope you all are having a great week.



AmyB said...

I have missed reading about your escapades! Hope you're enjoying the East Coast! :)

Tina said...

dunkin donuts is my morning ritual :) love that stuff!!
congrats on settling in and adjusting nicely :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! glad you're "plugged" back in and can blog again. We love reading it. Love MOM

ashley anthony said...

yep, glad you are back to the blog-land.