Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just Another Day

It was a tough decision, but last night we decided to head over to Disneyland for a few hours. Sigh. It's not like it's even fun there. The kids are never happy.

Whatever, the Disney passes have been the best investment we've made in a long time. The kids just love going. What am I saying? We all love going! We didn't ride a lot of rides, but we just wanted to get out of the house and walk around. The girls got to ride by themselves and finally go on Space Mountain with Rusty.

Oh, and one of the workers Cast Members took our pic for us and I actually like the way it turned out.

I don't know why Mallorie looks that much taller than Hannah in this picture. They are about the same height, but I think Mallorie may have had on some higher shoes or something. Hannah is not going to like this one little bit!

So we let them go on Splash Mountain by themselves last night. Not a big deal. There was no one in line really and they're pretty good about staying together and not fighting when they are doing stuff together. Well, we went to the exit to wait for them and when they didn't come out, I started to get panicky. At the end of the ride, they post your pictures of you when you're on the ride. Suddenly the people who's picture came after Hannah's and Mally's came off the ride. Then I got really panicky! Rusty ran down to the entrance to see if we had missed them or something. I went up the exit to where the would get off the ride. The ride guy hadn't seen them because he had just started his shift, but told me since there was no one in line, they were just letting people stay on the ride for as many times as they wanted. I called Rusty and told him that and to tell him what they were wearing. As soon as I told him that, he said "Those little turds, they just went down the fall again". Sure enough, they had stayed on the ride for a second time. They were trying to give me a heart attack!

RIDE #2 grrrrr

After the little catastrophe, we had a little conversation. They weren't in trouble, because they didn't do anything really wrong and they were being good together. But, I asked them what they would have done if they came off the ride and we hadn't been at the exit waiting on them. You know, just incase. They both said they would have waited at the exit for us and would not go looking for us. I was so thankful. And now I feel more comfortable should a situation ever arrise where we aren't right there with them.
Ugh, this is the only reason I can think of that I would want to get them a cell phone. I was so scared!

I love this picture. I gave Ava pigtales again today and she was so adorable. It rained this morning so we figured we wouldn't be getting any cute pictures, but it didn't last long so I got her and Hannah outside. Ava looks so grown up in this picture. Yikes!

While she was on Hannah's head, she would pat her and hug her and say Hannah over and over. I tried to catch her on video doing it, but as soon as I started taping she stopped. Of course.

I made PW's au Gratin Potatoes tonight for Bible Study and they were sooooo good! I must tell you to try them. They're groan worthy!

Please pray tonight and throughout your days this week for the people of Haiti. I just don't think that I, or any of us for that matter, can fathom the extent of what is happening there. We are so blessed and I pray we never have to experience a disaster so extreme. Pray for the children, the Moms and Dads that are scared and searching and may be hurt. I pray they are able to find their loved ones an heal.

Have a good rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

Happy 11th month birthday to Ava. Awesome pics on this post, esp. the family one. Love ya. MOM

ashley anthony said...

if only six flags was as fun as disney. that is a great picture of the brown fam!