Friday, August 21, 2009

Ava on table

Mallorie has taken her camera from me. Mean. I know. So, I took this with my Blackberry & posted it via Flickr. I'm trying to be all technologically savvy here people!!

After Ava had her bath yesterday, we set her on her changing table. She decided she needed to brush her hair. She's very vain for a baby, you know.

I really just wanted to show how cute she is.

Maybe I'll get the camera back sometime today. Either way, I want to do a post just about Hannah and then one just about Mallorie. They need a post.

Hope you have a great FRIDAY!!! yay.


jenn said...

She is a cute baby! My youngest is 5 1/2 months! and I have a Hannah! You have a nice family!

AmyB said...

She is so cute, I just want to squeeze her!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely darling!!! Love MiMi