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Thought you could all use some smiles for your Saturday :)

Well, technically Ava isn't smiling in this picture, she's sticking her tongue out. She's getting away with it for now, but next time she's in big trouble! (Don't ya like her hat though?!)

Ahh, that's better. And look how light that hair is getting! I do not know who she looks like in this picture, she definitely has her own look.

Everyone always thinks she looks just like Rusty, but I am telling you she looks a lot like a Gray! Mallorie always had more of the Ligon family "look" and an occasional Gray trait, but this kid is either all Brown or all Gray depending on what she's doing. And from the back, her little head and ears is all Gray.
I know I'm pretty lame for not having any pictures of all three girls lately, but I am wanting to take some outside and well, outside is not working with me. First of all our gardeners stink! Our flowerbeds are atrocious.Second all our grass is turning brown again and third, it's been chilly and Ava's dress is not warm at all, so I haven't been outside to take any pictures. Other than that, I have no real excuse.
I had to post these videos. They are pretty long & boring, but so stinkin' cute. I wanted you guys to see 1)how big she is and 2) what she is doing now and 3) how cute she is!
This is just our mornings now. Ava wakes up, gets a fresh diaper on and then just smiles and jabbers with me. Since the sun shines into her window so nicely in the mornings it makes for wonderful pictures.
PS..turn down your volume if you don't want to hear my annoying voice. Ava does make some pretty sweet sounds, but man my voice will just ruin it!

Now, in this video, I must say I notice her little ears. Those aren't just anyone's ears. No folks, those are her Momma's ears. Rusty calls them elf ears and looking at them from this direction I guess I will agree, but only this once. I also have to say they are so sweet!

Ava is holding her head up so well, and thank goodness for that. Mallorie loves to hold her, but she gets a little too "playful" with her sometimes and I worry for Ava's neck. We do lots of working out and teaching when it comes to holding baby sister. Sorry she only says hi to MiMi and PawPaw, next time I'll make sure she says hi to everybody!

Now this last video just makes me smile (how can it not, it starts off with a cute hiney). I know it's sideways, but you'll get over it. And besides if you made it through the first two videos without throwing up from all of my moving then this shouldn't be any problem for you. Don't you just want to snuggle her, she is so cute. If you can tell by this video though, she is never still. Even when you are holding her, if she is awake she is moving all the time. I laid her on the floor one day so I could put in a load of laundry and get a drink and he had moved herself from the couch to the television. I thought it was hillarious, she did not however. She was very angry at me for not picking her up sooner.

So, Spring Break is officially over as of this weekend and I wanted to give you a rundown of all we did.

Monday: Whale watching (no whales in sight), shopping & shopping some more. Dinner out and a not so awesome car accident.

Tuesday:Mom-in-law and Sis-in-law left-Hannah, Mallorie & myself stayed in our pajamas all day. Watched movies. Did NOTHING...well except took naps and played a little.

Wednesday: My birthday:Bought eggs and Mallorie and I dyed several dozen for church Sunday. Watched movies and snuggled. Rusty cooked dinner & then passed out on the couch..wimp! Made sugar cookies (rolled them out, cut them with cookie cutters...that kind of making cookies)

Thursday: Went shopping a little, went to Tar-jay, went to church, went to Denny's

Friday: Watched movies, bought more eggs to dye this weekend, Hannah and Mallorie went to see the new Hannah Montana movie & Rusty and I went to sushi with some friends (awesome)

Our week was neither too busy or exciting, but we sure enjoyed sleeping in and just doing whatever we wanted. Monday is back to the old grind, but I must admit, I love the schedule we keep with school. For the summer we have decided to do a sort of "home school". When Hannah started third grade this year, it really knocked us on our hineys. I do not want to be unprepared for next year with Hannah going into fourth grade and Mallorie into the third. So we are going to do atleast 2 hours Mon-Thurs of work. Specifically in Math, Spelling and Reading. The three hardest areas in my opinion. If you can get those three, then the rest will come easily. Plus, we worked so hard this year getting Hannah caught up and then ahead in third grade and I don't want her to forget all the hard work we put into this year. We are going to come up with a reward system and a specific time that they do their work each day and a library day each week. Whether it be morning or afternoon we will decide based on what works best for them and me. I am excited about this. I would love to homeschool my children, but I don't feel qualified to do so past elementary & then I feel like I would be throwing them to the wolves if I stuck them in public schools in junior high. (I'm sure we all remember how akward junior high is for a kid)Anyway, I am very excited about this.

Oh and another thing. I am going to be chairperson for Adventures in Art next year for our school. My friend Nena is co-chairing it with me so that it doesn't become too overwhelming for just me. We both decided we would put my name down as chairperson so that if any problem were to arrise or if there were ever any questions they could just come to me as I am the more open to dealing with conflict &/confrontations. (you are all shocked, I heard you gasp!) I have been teaching this in the classrooms as a docent for three years now, but only as a docent. This is a free program for our school done through the PTA and we do five art projects throughout the year. These aren't just dorky crayon or finger paint projects either. We expose the children (and some parents too) to different artists, styles of art, tools, supplies and then put on an art exhibit at the end of the school year. It is wonderful and everyone enjoys it and at the end of the year your child has created some really amazing pieces of art. I am a little nervous about doing this, but I will just do my very best and this years school chairs said they would help us out by showing us some of the ropes and getting things going for next year. Thank goodness!

Tomorrow Rusty is working for a little while and then we are just hanging out and hopefully some friends from church will be coming over for a cookout. Then Sunday we will be going to church and then having hopefully a wonderful Easter lunch ( I have yet to prepare myself for) and then later that afternoon some friends we went to school with in Paris are coming over for a cookout and let the kids hunt Easter Eggs. I am sure I'll get some good pictures. (note to self: take lots of pictures) Then back to school Monday. I hope to remember to post on Sunday if I am not too tired. I will try so that you can see how cute the kids look in their pretty new dresses. I actually color coordinated them this year. I don't know who I am turning into these days. This is all just so uncharacteristic for me. On a side note dealing with this, when Ava went down for her nap today, instead of running to the computer to check email or facebook, I ran to the kitchen and did dishes, picked up the living room and cleaned up the counter. Whaaaa??? Yeah, I'm telling you, this is highly out of the ordinary. Whenever Ava usually falls asleep I try to do some stuff for me time, but I did enjoy cleaning while not having to worry about what the girls are doing with her in the other room.

And one more thing: This is the third night in a row that Ava has gone to bed in her bedroom. She sleeps in there until her feeding and then I just let her fall asleep in my bed with me. I'm pretty sure this is less of a struggle for her than it is for me. I have an irrational fear of SIDS, so putting her in her own bed is a big deal for me! I know it will get easier with time, so I am doing a nap a day and her bed time in a crib, the rest is on my shoulder or in the same room as me.

This post has officially taken forever to post because of all the video. It is super late and I am going to go to bed. Have a beautiful Easter and remember the reason for the season.

"that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation." Romans 10:9-10

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