Sunday, March 22, 2009


This weekend was just one of those weekends. Nothing major happening, no major issues. I love this kind of weekend. We hung out, bought groceries, shopped, had dinner, went to church, and most importantly spent time just being together. It was nice.

Rusty and Mallorie have colds and I feel one coming on, but I am not going to succumb! I am going to beat this thing and I mean it. I don't have time to be sick & I don't want to be sick. I want to have lots of energy and go walking in the beautiful 70 degree weather that we are supposed to have this week and I am going to.

So like I said, this weekend we went grocery shopping. We always hit up our local Sam's and load up on an insane amount of stuff. Seriously you cannot go there without spending over a hundred bucks. It's impossible and this weekend we hit a record for us. We are preparing to take our twice a month ministry that we have at church to our house. During this small group ministry we want to bless people with food and Word, so we had to get some, well, food. This was the first time we have taken on an endeavor such as this and we are so excited about the possibilities of what is to come.

We loaded up the kids and took Ava in her front carrier for the first time, which she apparently loved because she never even made a grunt or a whine, and we started shopping.

Just look at the fear/excitement in Rusty's eyes. He knows what is about to go down!

Oh My Gosh. We got our usual stuff; snacks, drinks, and meals for school lunches and dinners for two weeks. And then we got stuff to put aside in our garage, because lets face it people. Our country isn't in the best of shape these days and we want to be prepared for whatever happens. Living here, where there are millions of people in our city we face the sad reality that if there is a natural or un-natural disaster there will not be enough food/toiletries for everyone. It has been on our hearts and minds lately that we should have a bit of stuff stored for any such event. Then we saw the stuff that we really, really needed.

Notice the picture. I know that everytime you go to the grocery store you leave with a Boogie Board. Don't you? I know you do, or you atleast think about it. I'm just trying to rationalize our impulse buying ways. It's all Rusty's fault though. His exact words are, "I'd rather spend a large sum of money all at once and get everything I need instead of buying it out over several days." Well said babe, well said. (Plus & this is a big plus: adult boogie boards are usually over $40 & at Sam's it was on sale for only $20! and Rusty loves to board, so why not?)

What are these pics about, you may be asking? We are not into some wierd banana chemistry experiments. Hannah is competing in her schools annual Science Fair and our science project is whether yeast will make a banana decompose faster than no yeast.

Banana with Yeast:

Banana without yeast:

We shall see results in the next few days. This is edge of your seat stuff folks, be sure to stay tuned!

Ava is doing very well, she is so big. We have officially grown out of one newborn outfit! I know, huge huh. I had one newborn diaper leftover the other night and decided to use it to get rid of it and it amazed me how big she is. Where her newborn diaper used to cover her belly button, now it was about an inch and a half below her belly button. Where the straps used to to touch in the middle, now they barely closed the diaper. She still seems itty bitty to me, but I know we are watching her grow daily. Watching her change daily. She now holds her head up for almost a minute at a time. When she makes eye contact, she keeps it. Everyday she smiles atleast once. I can't imagine her not being here and yet everytime I look at her, I cannot believe she is mine. For so long it was just Rusty and I with Hannah and Mallorie and now we have this new little girl. This new little Ava. I am so aware of this blessing and scared to death of losing it.

Please don't think that I am being depressing on purpose & there is absolutely nothing wrong with Ava or Hannah or Mallorie. I have been fearful of this since getting pregnant again in May and I have stated it so many times during my pregnancy on this blog. I know it has to do with the miscarriage. Just pray for peace in my heart. Pray that we will stop living with fear and just enjoy these three little lives that God has allowed us to grow and teach. They are our joy. Our happiness. We know we were entrusted with them for a reason and we want to do our best to raise them in God's Word.

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